Light weight tiled roofs

Transform your conservatory

Since conservatories became popular in the late 80’s technology has moved on at an incredible pace, one of the biggest changes has been the introduction of highly insulated, light weight tiled roofs. These roofs have been designed specifically to replace old and inefficient conservatory roofs typically glazed with thin polycarbonate sheets or standard glass units.

If you have a conservatory that has proven too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter then a light weight roof may be the answer. We have installed many of these roofs now and have only received positive feedback from all of our customers. With a plaster finish to the ceiling, some nice lighting and roof windows for added light and ventilation these can transform your conservatory.

Can your conservatory take a new Light weight tiled roof

Your new light weight roof will need to be approved and signed off by building control. As this new roof will no longer be translucent the conservatory is then seen as a highly glazed extension.

Before we can confirm your existing base and frames are capable of taking the increased loads a test hole is prepared by us so building control can check the footings are adequate.

We will also check to make sure your existing frames are up to the task, if not new fully reinforced, A rated frames will be supplied and fitted by us as part of the job.

By having Langleys design, specify and build your upgrade will see a very significant improvement in comfort, efficiency as well it looking great.  Contact us today to get started.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Here is an example of a conservatory upgrade we carried out recently. The existing base was left in place, we replaced the frames with new fully reinforced A rated frames with solar control sealed units. Next we installed our light weight roof with pewter coloured, slate effect tiles. When the roof was on and tiled we insulated inside, plaster boarded throughout and then plastered.

What will this new light weight tiled roof give me

As well as being very pleasing on the eye, Langleys light weight roof upgrades will give you a huge improvement in efficiency.  Having used a number of light weight roof manufacturers in the last 10 years we now solely use the Warmer Roof system.  This company provide us with the warmest roof on the market, build to the highest standards, bespoke to our exact requirements.

A 16mm thick polycarbonate roof sheets will typically have a heat loss figure of 2.4 w/m2K and a standard air filled 24mm glass sealed unit 2.8 w/m2K.A newer 32mm polycarbonate roof sheet drops to around 1.25w/m2K and a modern low emissivity argon filled glass sealed unit as low as 1.0 w/m2K. Our lightweight roof has a heat loss figure of just 0.15 w/m2K a massive improvement.                                                                                                                                                                       



Installation of a light weight roof

Initial visit

First we come and take a look at your conservatory measure up it all up and go through design options with you to achieve what you want most for your room.

Design process

We will then send over a CAD drawings for possible designs to help visualize what the finished project will look like. Once you are happy with the design we will need to dig a test hole to make sure that your existing footings comply with building regulations.


conservatory frames

In some cases you may wish to keep your existing frames, however if you want to update them then now is the time. in this case the customer wanted to change them for new quality anthracite grey frames.

Finished project

Your new room is all finished and ready for all year round use and now will feel more like a part of your house.

This Gallery details a few of our lightweight roof upgrades local to Bury St Edmunds.